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Furcation Tubing: A Comprehensive Overview



Fiber optic furcation is a vital component in the realm of cable organization and protection, particularly for delicate optical fibers. At Opticonx, we recognize the importance of this technology and offer a diverse range of furcation tubing solutions tailored to meet the needs of various industries and applications.

Understanding Fiber Optic Furcation

Fiber optic furcation serves as a protective and organizing mechanism for optical fibers once a cable has been accessed. Not only does it enhance the durability and longevity of optical fibers, but it also adds a layer of strength crucial for their protection. Additionally, furcation tubing is available in different colors to facilitate cable organization, catering to specific application requirements. Its significance becomes particularly pronounced in scenarios involving cable splicing or field termination.

Fiber Optic Furcation vs. Breakout

While both furcation and breakout tubing serve the purpose of organizing and safeguarding fiber optic cables, the choice between them depends on the specific application. Furcation tubing typically comprises an inner tube encased within fiber and jacketing, whereas breakout cables, also known as fan-out cables, feature multiple jacketed fibers housed within an outer jacket. Each option offers distinct design elements optimized for performance in various settings.

When to Utilize Fiber Optic Furcation Tubes

Fiber optic furcation tubes excel in providing structural support and protection for bare optical fibers. Characterized by an inner tube with a protective jacket reinforced by aramid yarn, these tubes exhibit resistance to shrinkage across a range of temperatures. They prove invaluable in situations necessitating splicing or field termination, ensuring the integrity of fiber connections.

Opticonx Fiber Optic Furcation Tubing Solutions

At Opticonx, our furcation tubing solutions cater to diverse requirements, including:

  • 900 Micron Furcation Tubing: Designed for overtubing 250 micron fibers for direct termination, offering standard industry protection with customizable color and material options.
  • 2MM Breakout Tubing: Providing protection for 250 and 900 micron fibers, available in custom configurations, zipcord, simplex, and various material choices to suit specific needs.
  • 3MM Breakout Tubing: Similar to the 2MM variant, offering protection for 250 and 900 micron fibers with customizable configurations and material choices.
  • 2MM and 3MM Duplex Round for Uniboot: Tailored for uniboot applications, featuring two 600 micron color-coded tubes and aramid yarn for enhanced strength.
  • Ribbon Breakout Tubing: Offering single-wall ribbon tubing for splice tray routing and ruggedized dual wall tubing with aramid yarn for direct termination, easily identifiable through standard color-coding.
  • Custom/Specialty Tubing: Engineered to meet unique specifications, incorporating specified material, shape, and dimensions for specialized applications.

Rely on Opticonx for Fiber Optic Furcation

With a legacy spanning back to 1995, Opticonx has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality fiber optic furcation solutions accompanied by unparalleled customer service. Our furcation tubing boasts rugged Kevlar reinforcement, resilience to temperature fluctuations, and a wide array of customizable configurations, ensuring optimal performance across diverse environments.

Contact Us or Request a Quote

Partner with Opticonx for your fiber optic furcation needs. With over a century of combined industry experience, we specialize in breakout and direct termination kits tailored to various industries. Reach out to us today to learn more about our fiber optic products or to request a quote for your specific requirements.

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